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Water Shower Filter For Glowing Skin And Bouncy Hair

Want to protect your skin and hair from hard water? Harmful effects of contaminated water will make your hair and skin look dry and damaged. Hard and contaminated water makes it difficult to rinse away soap from your hair and skin. Washing your skin and hair with contaminated water will dry out your skin leaving your scalp feeling itchy.

Korikart brings a perfect solution for your problem. Plan 36.5 Shower filter for hard and contaminated water will remove sand, dust, chlorine and heavy metals and other impurities, making the water soft and leaving your skin and hair nourished and soft. This innovative and amazing water shower has the benefit of soft water which gives rid of greasy skin and your hair feels effortlessly fluffy and smooth. The water shower filter acts as a water softener which eliminates chlorine and other hard substances from the water. This water softener will also remove bad odor from the water.

Premium shower filter from plan 36.5 contains vitamin C which reduces acne pimples and various skin and hair related problems. The shower filter is enriched with the power of 1500 lemons which gives you a glowing skin and soft hair. Easy to install water shower filter for hard water will also give rid of dry skin, irritation, eczema, frizzy hair and various other skin and hair related problems.

You can buy the filter in 5 different fragrances such as lavender, lemon, cherry, green grape and freesia. Exotic aroma of the water shower filter will give a soothing effect to your body and make you feel refreshed while bathing.

The water shower filter for hard water can be installed easily in your bathroom without any plumber. You just have to follow some of the steps.

For Hand Shower

  • Turn the shower hose to right and separate it from the shower head
  • Turn the shower filter to the shower head in right to assemble
  • Turn the shower hose to left and connect it with shower filter

For Rain Shower

  • Unscrew rain shower from the arm and screw the purifier
  • Screw rain shower onto shower purifier
  • Enjoy the benefit of soft, pure and clean water

Say hello to beautiful hair and gorgeous skin now. Shop online with korikart and get the best shower filter for your bathroom. Explore korikart.com for more amazing products and exciting offers. Stay connected with us for more information.

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