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Stringing In People With Its Silken Threads: The Story Of The Noodles

What is the best comfort food? Many people have different answers to 5this question but when you look at it on a larger scale of people there is a majority that takes noodles and ramen as their perfect comfort food. And for good reason don’t you feel? long silken threads of chewy dough that drag with them the yummy thick broth along with the veggies make you feel so whole and complete as you slurp that long thread that just won’t obey to a fork or a chop stick.

The history of noodles

For those of us who did not know this, did you know that the first bowl of noodles was first made 4000 yeas back in China? Amazing how the history of this food is as old as the beginning of the Bronze Age? As years passed by, the humble dish and its kind travelled the world mostly south East Asian regions and developed a catalogue full of personalities, types, histories and techniques of preparation.

If we really had to get to the history of the Noodle, it would take us an entire website. That is exactly how rich and significant this dish has been in the lives of so many people, settlements and tribes.

When Korea got its noodles

The noodles reached Korea between the years of 1392–1897 after which it has taken up so many traditional types and kinds that stay true to the authentic taste of a Korean meal. The 21st century is truly lucky to have these many traditional flavors and kinds of Korean noodles available to them and so easily too.

One of the current pioneering noodles brands in Korea is known by the name of Eunsung. They are known for how true they stay to the original flavors of a traditional qu7intessential dish. In this case we are talking of the Eunsung easy-to-make-noodles that come in two amazing flavors for everyone. The noodles come in a vegetarian option and a non-vegetarian option that is made of sea foods (this means there’s a lot of seafood in the broth that is going to make you feel like you ordered a large surf and turf for noodles).

Why the Eunsung is noodles everything you need in a good noodle you ask? Well this is why:

  • The Eunsung noodles have a certain stickiness to them that comes with excellent flavors due to its unique kneading process. The dough that is used to make this noodle is kneaded in a vacuum sensitive area which means that there is absolutely no air in the dough. This special process provides the noodles with the unique stickiness when boiled as compared to their kinds of noodles.
  • The specialty does not stop just there, the Eunsung noodles are sticky and super elastic due to its drying process. Elasticity comes from the step-by-step drying process. After kneading the dough, the noodles are dried in a step-by-step manner so the noodles are completely dried from inside. This gives the noodles their distinctive flavor and elasticity. This process also optimizes the temperature and reduces the moisture which is very important to make the noodles dried thoroughly. This gives the noodles their elasticity and the noodles shall not get soggy very quickly.

 The noodles are made using simple wheat and soybean in case of some of us who may contract allergies while using any of these ingredients.

Here’s a quick recipe to make this noodles at home (though we completely support creativity when it comes to cooking techniques and recipes):

  • Please put 800ml water (4cups) into a pan and boil it.
  • When water is boiled, put noodle and spicy mix into the pan, and boil more for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Take out the noodles in a serving bowl.
  • A lot of water in used to make these noodles soft and elastic. The water added in the flour while kneading will strengthen the gluten present in the flour. Then the dough is kept aside for settling, this maturing process will even strengthen the gluten and this will keep the noodles soft and elastic after cooking.


The Eunsung easy-to-make noodles are so delectable that they may even be dubbed as the best binge watching snacks (especially if one is watching K-drama series).

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