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Know Your Kimchi!


Just ask any Korean food lover about their favourite and without a doubt, the name Kimchi will drop. Not only this, Kimchi has taken a stage up lately on the list. A mentioning of Korean food is incomplete without Kimch, it’s undoubtedly the most popular contribution of Korea to the world’s culinary tapestry. But, it is just not a spicy, tangy side dish, as it looks like, there is more to it.

Has a history of own.


Koreans have been mastering the art of preserving food form ages. The habit is driven by the harsh winters in the area. They have scripts talking about Kimchi from Goryeo Kingdom. Though the look of kimchi was not the same as it is today. It dint have its signature deep red colour and same spices. All these were added to kimchi just 200 years ago.

A Museum Dedicated to Kimchi – Seriously!


Yes that’s right! They have a museum dedicated to this fab food. The Kimchi Museum in Seoul will walk you through the history of Kimchi in a very interesting way. You also can savour kimchi in different flavours and assortments. The interactive features and activities will sure rocket your appetite.

There is a kimchi for everyone.


You will surprised to know that today there are more than 100 flavours of kimchi available. All thanx to varying temperatures, region, availability of ingredients and environment factors. But still the most loved and known flavour is cabbage (baechu) and raddish (kkakdungi) kimchi.

Yes, kimchi will stay longer.


Kimchi is prepared while keeping in mind the shelf life. Its preparation and storage plays a very important role. When stored in a place with the optimal temperature and care, it can stay for long than we can imagine.

Kimchi Fridge – Now that’s some love for the food.


Fridge for a mere side dish? Now that’s some respect for the food. To maintain its freshness and flavour, Korean tech companies have actually invented and produced Kimchi Fridges. These specially designed fridge keeps the temperature between 0-5 degree Celsius, which is ideal temperature for storing kimchi at its best.

Its kimchi with everything.


Koreans love their kimchi and no food is complete without kimchi. According to a survey, an average Korean eats around quarter-pound kimchi every day. and in a separate study by the World Institute of Kimchi, about 57 pounds of kimchi is consumed by Koreans annually.

Indeed very healthy.


Kimchi is mainly made of vegetables and so it is healthy and rich in nutrients. A single serving of this fermented side dish is packed with fiber, antioxidants, healthy probiotics, vitamin C, carotene, iron, calcium and much more. So go on, enjoy kimchi, it is a perfect replacement of Achaar.

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