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Upgrade Your Vitamin Shower Filter With Enriched Filter Technology

The Vitamin Shower Filter is a high-quality product that uses advanced Korean technology to provide clean and purified water for showering. It is designed to remove chlorine, fluoride, and other ha...
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Shop Online For Best Kids Essentials With Korikart

Along with love, care, attraction and affection, your little one deserves the best when it comes to baby care and kids products. Thus, shopping for your kids is not an easy task. We at korikart hel...
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Water Shower Filter For Glowing Skin And Bouncy Hair

Want to protect your skin and hair from hard water? Harmful effects of contaminated water will make your hair and skin look dry and damaged. Hard and contaminated water makes it difficult to rinse ...
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Why Water Shower Filters ?

Facing problems of Skin Dryness?? Tired of Skin Irritation & Rashes!! Hard Water is the reason behind. Hard water not only causes problems in your household work, but it can also cause lots of ...
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tastes pairs well with Soju

Most loved drink of Korea – Soju. Gun-Bea!

The moment one thinks of Soju, you are instantly elated to Korea. Soju is understandable a part of Korean Culture and when you think of fun with friends, you think of Soju. Soju is a clear and colo...
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Are you a K-Pop and K- Drama enthusiast? Here are some K- fashion trends and tips for you!

K-Pop and K-Drama are gaining huge popularity in India and due to their upsurge K- fashion is also becoming a trend these days. The avid fans of Korean Culture whose life depends on that will relat...
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Bringing Korea to India: Korea’s major cultural events & activities

Korean culture is quite famous for its quirky K-Pop, K- Drama and K-Beauty but Korea has much more to offer. Entrenched in traditions and ancient principles, Korea is profoundly influence...
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